Russell Terriers 10-12" tall
English & Australian Lines

Breeding Quality 10-12" AKC Russell Terriers

for Show, Earthdog or Quality Companion Pets

American bred  -  Olde English & Australian lines

German Shepherds -Titled Import Lines Family, Companion, Sport

Wonder what's in there....

My little "Trooper",  10" at 18 wks.

Dapper, Trooper and Dana posing for the camera...

Leland with Piper (Christmas 2007) who eventually went to Crowe's Nest Kennel Piper is BB's dam. We don't just show, these dogs are family.

Sawyer, Koda's brother

Koda makes a friend at the 2011 Stoneybrook Steeplechases at the Carolina Horse Park

Koda and Trooper "watching the races" with Hannah... every time the horses raced by Koda tried to take off after them barking...

Plinky and smallest male




 Koda, Georgia and Sawyer's littermate

Noel playing with a new buddy, Rita, 5 mo. old
Catch a falling kitty...put it in your pocket...never never let it go....especially around 9 JRT's...Trevor looking much better

According to Jen, my brother's wife, this is a one of Georgia's favorite position to fall asleep, certainly looks that way....

Koda with his favorite toy...a big heavy tennis type ball he drags or carries all over the house.


Teddy and "mom"

Teddy aka Ringo, and Grandpa

Georgia, Koda's sister

Koda likes to ride between the seat and the back of my neck...that way he can look out of the window and he feels "secure"...very soon he will be too big for this...sometimes I feel him prop his head on top of mine to look out the front...he is such a character.


"The Dinker"

Georgia "posing" with glasses