Russell Terriers 10-12" tall
English & Australian Lines

Breeding Quality 10-12" AKC Russell Terriers

for Show, Earthdog or Quality Companion Pets

American bred  -  Olde English & Australian lines

German Shepherds -Titled Import Lines Family, Companion, Sport

Like all of us, ahem, these dogs need plenty of exercise and love attention. Their "job" is to keep your property free of "vermin" (moles, rats, mice, and any small creature, so be careful with your hamsters, ferrets and chickens...")

If you really want to have fun with them, take them in the woods or an open field and let them "hunt". They are great squirrel and rabbit dogs and will chase the little buggers. But watch out, they WILL go underground to get to their prey....

If that is not possible, you can get these big black plastic "tubes" for them to "tunnel" in and stuff they can get on and play "king of the mountain", as we used to call it as a child.

The "non-stuffed" squeaker pelts are a favorite, and the balls that squeak. Anything that squeaks that they can carry.
The more exercise they get, the easier they are to train. More time with you, more "release" or "channeling" of their energy, the happier you will be with your dog. Don't just punish when they chew the wrong thing or exhibit undesirable behavior, give them something else to chew on, and give them something to do they enjoy...you will both be happier.

They are NOT a crate dog.!!!
Don't leave them in the crate all the time, you will NOT have a happy dog. Up for the night, or briefly during the day is the MAX, they need to be with you, or running and playing.

Their diet should be of a very high quality food, high; in Omega 3's for coat,  and fat, for their energy level. No Junk food!
As with us, "you are what you eat", and if you want less poop, less gas passing, healthy dogs, feed the best you can. Stay away from the "commercial" foods.

Look at your ingredients. The 1st 3 will comprise 95% of your feed, the 1st 7 will comprise 98-99%. Make sure there is MEAT, vegetables, fruit...stay away from any grains and meals, especially corn and soy as the source of protein.