Russell Terriers 10-12" tall
English & Australian Lines

Breeding Quality 10-12" AKC Russell Terriers

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American bred  -  Olde English & Australian lines

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  week of June 16, 1986



by Baxter Black, DVM




Let’s talk about animal lovers

Not those who protest and accuse

But everyday people who carry the load

And don’t make the six o’clock news.


It’s proper to make the distinction

When explanations are given;

Between those who care as a hobby

And others who care for a livin’.


When we speak of animal lovers

The part-time groups come to mind.

Nice enough folks, who articulate well,

And shine when the cameras grind.


It’s too bad more credit’s not given

To the ones who seldom get heard

Cause, in spite of their modest behavior,

Their actions speak louder than words.


These are the folks that on Christmas Day

Take care of God’s animals first

With never a thought they should have the day off

Or that they might be reimbursed.


They believe that Genesis meant it,

That man has dominion o’er all,

And they don’t take their mandate too lightly

To care for the great and the small.


God’s entrusted His creatures to us

By rating us all in His log

According to what our abilities are

Most get a house cat or dog.


But the bulk of the animal kingdom

He placed in the hands of a few

Who feel more at home in a pasture than

An office on Fifth Avenue