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In this day and time of recalls and cancer causing additives in our food, it is important that we pay attention to what we are putting in our bodies. This is equally important with what we are putting in our animals bodies.  The more "fillers" and additives and poor sources of proteins in our dogs foods, the more acute and long term health problems they seem to have. Allergies, obesity, excessive hyperactivity, liver and renal problems, as well as an increased disposition to cancer are just a few of the challenges dog owners face today when feeding food with questionable ingredients and low TDN (total digestible nutrients).


Because of the constant recalls and disturbing information released to us regarding so many commercial dog foods, I now feed a wonderful holistic food called Life's Abundance.   Not only have I greatly reduced the amount of waste the dogs are passing, I have also found I been able to feed less food to maintain their body wights, and increase the health of their skin and coats. This food combines several sources of meat protein (NO soy), NO cereals, plus fruits and vegetables (which animals eat in the wild) in a small pellet, guaranteed fresh. In fact, they do not like to sell to commercial stores since those foods can sit in warehouses and on shelfs for months at a time. They will ship you your food directly to your house, one bag at a time, if that is what you want. I only use one 40# bag a month for my entire Russell crew, puppies as well as adults, and it actually costs me LESS than trying to feed feed from the stores, since I don't have to feed as much..... clean up is a BREEZE and there is less odor since there is less undigested nutrients being passed by the dog..


Please go to www.lifesabundance.com/ravenhillrussells to find out more about this premium food and all of the research and care they put into their product. They have NEVER had a recall on their product.


After attending college for 2 years as a biology major, I decided to pursue veterinarian medicine and graduated in 1977 with an AAS in Applied Science in an accreditied Vet Tech program. After working for a few years with local vets, and then going into research, I started taking pre-vet classes at NC State. Then Jon was born and I dropped out. I was a single mom.

. I continued working in the Research Triangle Park for 20 years and retired from R &D to pursue a Nursing Degree. I had completed all of my prerequisite courses and had completed 4 months into the program when he was killed in 2002, again I dropped out, of school, and life, for a while...until I could regroup. I had another son to raise and I had my animals, a single mom again....probably made a lot of bad decisions...but the Russells were one of my good decisions.


I purchased my first JRT for my eldest son, Jon. in 1989. This site is dedicated to him.


The puppy we got we named Roper, since she had come from an elderly gentleman iIn n Roper NC. This started the journey that has led me to the dogs I have today. She was a rough and JRTCA registered. Several years later,  due to personal circumstances , she was "lost". That personal circumstance has now been removed from my life.  

Three years after we lost Roper we got Sophie. She was a tri-colored smooth and the foundation for my current dogs. I bred her out 3 times. Petey was English/Irish lines and very small. He sired Brianna in 2004 and Darby (larger, Earthdog champion) sired Jackie and Lucy.in 2005. I got my first male, Dooley in 2006. He was old English burrowing type, 10" and a little tank. He is now happy in his pet home as I redefine my breedings more and more.In December 2008 I bought Lit'l Man. He is a very typey little 10 1/2 " rough with an amazing personality. He is also doing well in the show ring having completed 13 of his 15 points for his CM in Misc.

 In 2007 as I started  school again, I found it necessary to reduce my kennel size and sent  4 of my dogs to Terry Crow-White (Crowe's Nest Kennel).  These were her first registered breeding Russell terriers;  she had worked with MB-F Superentendents of shows and had experience with AKC showing.  Zorro (Dooley X Brianna), Jackie (Darby X Sophie). Piper (Dooley X Lucy) and Baylor (Dooley X Jackie)
were sent to their new home.  In exchange for the transfer, I later obtained Abby, BB, and Dana, off of the above mentioned dogs, back into my kennel.


In September 2009, JoAnn Stoll, the president and founder of the AKC parent club, American Russell Terrier Club, sent Elk's Creek Beamer and Capsey, a Belgium born bitch, from California to breed to my lines. Beamer is a UKC Champion and we have completed a Champion title (CM) in the Misc. group with AKC. We hope to see more Russell Terriers in the show ring, now that Russell Terriers have been moved into the Misc. Class as of Jan 1, 2010. JoAnn and other board members worked very hard to get our wonderful little terriers recognized by AKC. She deserves full credit and much praise for her dedication to this breed and all of her hard work.

The dogs bred and raised here are a part of my daily life. All pups are house raised and all breeding and show dogs have been BAER (hearing) and CERF (eyes) tested.I also will be incorporating into my genetic screening program the DNA marker PLL test for lens luxation, since that is now available. My dogs are not just another pretty face. They are temperament tested and with their prey dirve, are excellent little hunters, but most importantly, excellent companions.
Below are some of the 10X20 exercise runs under huge oak trees where I keep the dogs safe when I am not outside or they are not inside. There is 20 Acres for them to run on when I am outside with them. They kennels are all under hugh oak trees for shade in the summer and are only 50 feet from the house. They do, however, sometimes get into a tangle with some of the wildlife here....but they are, after all, Russell terriers...and that's what they do. They never back down in their "vermin" patrol.
Under the oak trees on top of the hill above the house are the kennels....
Leland with Pepper, Sophie and baby Brianna 11-2004
Ravenhill's Brianna on the dock at my folks house in Col, Ga. She stands 10 3/4" and is the dam of Crowes' Nest Zorro and  "Carrie" currently being shown successfully in the midwest by Cythia Loftus, she is also qualified for the 2011 Eukanuba Show in Orlando in Dec. 2011.  Lit'l Man is the sire of that 6-09 litter.