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Dear Members,

The goal the ARTC set in 1995 has finally become a reality. It is most definitely a day of celebration. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the ARTC who have dedicated resources to this endeavor. Their love and dedication to the little white terrier for the past 16 years has made this possible.
The official announcement came from AKC on July 18, 2011 the Russell Terrier will be accepted into the AKC studbooks effective June 1, 2012 and moving into group effective June 27, 2012 with the Standard submitted by the ARTC, Inc. as the official standard for the breed. The books will remain open until July 1, 2017.
JoAnn Stoll
Pres. Founder ARTC
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Please go to each page to see my dogs, the history of my involvement with this breed and some of my horses. I am a 1977 Vet Tech graduate and have an interest in not only the welfare of the animals but a keen interest in helping to eradicate genetic problems from the lines by testing all breeding dogs and promoting the breed by registering all pups and showing.


 I  take pride in the dogs I breed and I show the dogs I breed.

 I have bred into several imported lines from England and Australia to expand the gene pool of the dogs in my kennel.


Be sure and check back frequently. Pages throughout the website are updated regularly with current pictures and events.


Sometimes these pages are pretty long, so make sure you scroll down all the way.

FCI - Based standard for JRT
This site is dedicated to Jon, for his love to me and of all animals, especially the Russell Terriers.
GONE but NEVER forgotten
Jon at 16,
 taken his Jr.Year of High School
July 17, 1985
 April 17, 2002




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Spring and we have puppies ready for new homes. Zena and Emrik continue lines developed from Raven and Gersandt. Emrik is pictured on the right with Braele.

More pictures are posted in a blog at ravenhillkennels.com which is mobile friendly
I'm the Mama
I am a accredited breeder, NOT a puppymill, so I do not have pups available all the time. I am listed on the parent club site (theARTC.org) for the AKC Russell Terrier and am a member of the GSDCA (German Shepherd Dog Club of America). All breeding dogs undergo genetic/temperament testing and must meet conformation and veterinary health requirements. All pups have guaranteed health and leave with health record. 
The importance of import titled GSD lines is knowing these dogs are bred by real breeders, screening hips and elbows, and temperament.. proven trainable by their titles, helping to ensure you are getting a quality dog.

"Gipper" Tanger's "brother" from same breeding, different year.

Breeding QUALITY
Russell terriers since 1989 
documented by photos.
& AKC German Shepherds (Import/Am. working/show lines) German working and German working show lines since 1976
also documented by photos and AKC registration certificates.
Although I selectively breed regularly, you will not find 5-10 litters here at one time, nor will there always be pups available. However, there will be notice when pups are due & approximate date.
 You cannot give pups the right socialization with 5-10 litters at one time. Each RT litter is house raised, and GSD pups are BOTH personally socialized with people, dogs and livestock.
All pups are sold on premises or an agreed meeting place.
My breeding dogs are DNA'd for proof of progeny lines. 
All Russell pups come from documented lines tracing back to England/Australia. 
All German Shepherd pups' lines can be traced a minimum of 16 generations.
Know your breeder.
There are good breeders (dog fanciers), and there are puppy mills and backyard breeders with questionable linage of their dogs, no knowledge of breed standard or history of intent of breed (what they were bred for). 

Breeding Import Line German Shepherds

Gesandt, German showline male
Nitro, new German showline male
 @ 22 months
Emrik vom Bickaro @ 9 months
of Ravenhill
Fannie (GesandtXRita) and Emrik, buddies, 3 days difference in their ages.
I cannot say enough good things about Billie and Ravenhill Russells!! My wife wanted a German Shepherd for many many years. We began looking and came upon Ravenhill Russells. Billie was very quick to respond to my e-mail and was EXTREMELY helpful and informative. Without a shadow of a doubt we felt like this was the place to get our puppy. When we went to visit the potential mother, all dogs were well taken care of and very healthy. Billie was patient with our questions and guided us along the way. Our puppy is now almost 5 months old and we couldn't be happier. We have her in training and our instructor says she is one of the best puppies he has seen. He also can't get over how beautiful and well bred she is. We are always stopped on the street by people asking where we got her and without hesitation we recommend Ravenhill Russells. Thank you Billie for a beautiful, loving and family friendly dog.
2016 Smooth female @ 8 wks out of Trooper and Gypsy (Elk Creek Beamer)"CeeCee"   

Ms Scarlett and Ruper...4 days apart in age...making frineds

Congradulations to Cynthia Loftus for Carrie's 1st agility trial, she  scored 395 out of 400 pts, 3  1sts and 1 second in her 1st trial. What a champ!!!!
Lit'l Man and Abby pup, not just another pretty face.!
Ravenhill's Lit'l Man and Elk Creek Beamer were both qualified and invited to show in the 2010 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, Calif. on Dec 4 and 5th, 2010.

Elk Creek Beamer qualified and has been invited to show in the 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando, Fla. Dec. 17-18th 2011. I have not done a lot of showing this year, but plan on showing this fall.

This was our first  Jack Russell Terrier, Roper, Jon was 4 years old in the picture below taken in  1989

Jon, age 2, with my 1st Raven, German working show line female. 1987
And Dijon, as a pup 1990
Jon with Roper (1st bl/wh rough) and Dijon, German sable working line GSD (pup)

"Koda " @ 4 mo. with his ribbon from his 1st AKC match. He took BOB in his breed and got 3rd in the very tough "Terrier" group, behind a seasoned Westie and Lakeland terrier, both shown by professional handlers. I was very proud of him!!!

Ravenhill's Ima Trooper

@6 mo and standing 10".

 Elk Creek Beamer and Ravenhill's Tiny Abigail. Rough coated.

  He stands  almost 11" @ 5 years old, and weighs 11# 

Trooper in his favorite relaxed pose and Dana in her snazzy new coat...winter of 2010-2011 ..it is COLD outside!!!!

(above) Georgia, Bellauh's dam off of 
Elk Creek Beamer
Click on this site for information
Fresh meat/veg food..no soy or cereal
Monitered Regularly
Russell Terriers come in several acceptable colors (shades of tan and white, black and white and black and red and white) They also come in 3 different coats. Smooth (no wirey whiskers around face/feet/tail) Broken (bristles around the eyes/nose, neck & on feet) and Rough (wirey double coat all over body, should NEVER be soft and fluffy), but can be heavy. All three coats should always have a "double" coat,
They should never have crooked legs, or show signs of "dwarfism" or be aggressive to humans, ever. A real or proper breeder does NOT dock the tail short, may only "tip" the end, or not at all anymore. Never cut the tail extremely short.
Please download questionare by  clicking icon above and submit by my email if interested in making one of these pups a family member.
Panser, light rough male @ 3 months old
Sandy, light rough female@ 3 months old, distantly related.
Kandy with her 1st mouse...caught and killed...she was so proud as was her "Mom". Not just another pretty face, these lines still have prey drive, as they should.
Check out the "About the breed", "puddin & shorties" and nutrition, care and management" pages, lots of info

My thanks to Dr. Steve Keating for BOB and BIMISC and the Macon Kennel Club in Perry Ga. 5-15-10 given to

Ravenhill's Lit'l Man

"Elk Creek Beamer"

2nd dog in the USA to "finish" his CM title in Misc. Division.

"Beamer" taking BOB in Atlanta show in Jonesboro Aug. 2010

Beullah @ Concord Terrier Specialty Show 2012. BOB Best in Group.
Leland, my son, showing
Elk Creek Beamer in Clemson SC January 2010, Beam was 8 y.o. at the time, 1st show in AKC, Leland did not like showing, but he tried it once, he was better than he thought he was....
Lit'l Man having his chest properly "spanned" and passing at the January 2010 show in Clemson, SC
Getting Dana ready at the Greensboro show. Classic English type Russell
Noel (above), my lovely little smooth coat and avid hunter

Ravenhill Sands 'O Thyme - BPUP 
Raleigh Tarheel Cluster 3-18
Koda and Trooper at Stoneybrook 2011 Steeplechases in Southern Pines, NC.
Noel and Trevor playing
Leland and his cousins at my folks house, Christmas '05 Brianna and Sophie
Abigail or Abby
rehomed with a dear friend of mine, after her 4 litters.
Another classic smooth English type Russell, strong,
powerful VERMIN hunter

Bella and Spice around 4 months old,

(my 1st Bella) Bella is off of Lucy, Spice is off of Abby (Jackies daughter), Lucy and Jackie are sisters, both of these pups were sired by Ravenhill's Lit'l Man

Ravenhill's Sugar and Spice

Spice is off of Li'lt Man and Abby, stands 11" and wieghs 11 1/2#.

Aiden and Conner on the trail..hiking in the Va. mountains with their "Mom and Dad" Tim and Sharon Sluss. May 2011  www.rbefarm.com. 2 pups off of Lit'l Man and Abby from few years ago....
"Georgia" (Koda's sister)
Tanger, hanging out "with the ladies"

Dakota or "Koda" @ 8 wks. Summer 2011

Another Beamer/Spice pup

8 wk old male (Dakota) and cousin 6 mo.old male, (Trooper) wrecking havoc with the poor pelt

"Pippin" going to the store with "mom", NOW BEING SHOWN BY CO-OWNER E.P. Ratladge


The primary focus of this small kennel is to produce quality (not quantity) companion dogs that may show and/ or compete in Earthdog events, if desired. ....and to produce a dog that most closely captures both the type and temperament of the courageous little dog that originated in their country of origin, England. 


All breedings are done to produce the ideal dog and the small number of puppies generated are sold for the purpose of putting registered quality dogs (not necessarily show dogs) in as many homes of true Russell terrier euanthusiasts as possible. The more registered, correct dogs in multiple households, the better this helps establish our breed.


I DO NOT produce 5-10 litters a year, nor do I always have young pups available I do have older pups sometimes where I have kept several pups till they got old enough to best judge the dog to keep and contribute to the gene pool and/or show..




As a breeder, I am responsible for the welfare of the dogs I own that represent this breed and I will make every effort through testing and screenings to eliminate heridity problems that may be present in the breed. With careful evaluation of both genotype and phenotype, I pair  the dogs that can hopefully produce the best representation of the standard and the embodiment of the character and type of this wonderful little terrier.




Unfortunately, with popularity comes " backyard breeders" and irresponsible "mass production" from warehouse kennels (usually with 50+ dogs) without regard for what is best for the breed. These "puppy mills" will usually have 5-10 litters on a site at any given time, or will have litter after litter, breeding their bitches back to back 4-6 times... will little regard to the quality, temperament and genetic faults they are producing in the pups or the health of their females. Despite the $$ this may generate for the "breeder" and the registry, usually these are the dogs that end up in the rescues or dog pounds.




You do not have to buy a show dog for $1200-$2500 to get a quality pet, out of genetic and temperament screened parents, but along the same lines, you will not find a genetically screened quality bred companion pup for under $500 either.Some breeders can just buy dogs to show, others know that breeding a quality dog takes time, trial and error, not just money. Staying true to the standard and a love of the breed is the mark of a true breeder.

There are a lot of "backyard breeders that do not breed to standard, just breed "cute for cash". You may not be getting what you think you are. Look at pedigrees, interact with the parents, ask about creditials of breeder, their history with the breed and what they really know about their dogs and the breed itself. Be careful of "breeders" that have 5-15 small breeds...chances are this is just about "making puppies".



 A reputable breeder will, at the very least, have all of their breeding dogs CERF and BAER and temperment tested, in addition to regular veterinary care, shots, worming, and socialization. The addition of PLL testing is also one of the more critical of the breed tests performed since the test will actually  identify a genetic marker that can be passed to offspring for the posterior lens luxation problem that some lines carry. More and more breeders are including this test when screening their breeding dogs since it was made available to us through  OFA in the spring of 2010.


For a more complete description of the ideal Russell Terrier, please visit the AKC parent club website.  http//www.theartc.com.


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